Why Do You Keep Overpaying For Your Anti-Fatigue Matting?


Are You Still Standing

on the Same Old Mat?

 For over 30 years, manufacturing plants and warehousing facilities have been using an extruded PVC anti-slip surface glued to a PVC foam. Technology has come a long way in that time. We no longer listen to cassette tapes or use the first version of Microsoft Office products, yet many still rely on the same matting solution to prevent slips, trips, and falls and provide ergonomic support to promote safety, health, and productivity in the workplace. Why should you choose Crown’s Wearbond Tuff-Spun as your technology upgrade?

#520/522 – Wear-Bond™ Tuff-Spun®

Save up to 25% when compared to your laminated deckplate pricing

Convert matting sales to SMO revenue and rebate dollars through a long-term partner

Durable anti-slip working surface withstands heavy abuse in a dry industrial environment

Crown’s antimicrobial technology provides a clean and safe workplace

Crown’s elite ergonomic support foam with 25% more plastic (less air) than the competitive laminated deckplate matting

Crown’s proprietary adhesive-free PVC Fusion Technology eliminates all issues with the working surface separating from the support foam

While other products may look very similar, we promise the results will not. Please feel free to reach out to our team at 224-423-1708 or 574-229-3180 for more information or email us at beth@cmhionline.com.

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