Trucks / Hand Trucks

Courtney Material Handling, Inc. has truck and hand truck related equipment to suit your requirements.  Not all products we carry are on our website. If you do not find what you need online, please contact us for a quote. Below are just some of our offerings: 


Food Industry -Pallet trucks – Hand trucks – Platform trucks – Shelving trucks – A-frame trucks

Wagon trucks – 5th wheel wagon trucks – Security boxes – Appliance trucks

Load backrests – Box dumpers – Bulk trucks – Trailers – Chip & waste trucks

Closed trucks – Tray trucks – Drum trucks – Cylinder trucks – Tilt trucks

Vending trucks – Elevated floor trucks – Cradle trucks – Removable liner trucks

Folding table trucks – Die truck – Hoppers – High end trucks – Instrument trucks

3-sided trucks – Open cage trucks – Security trucks – Pan and tray trucks

Panel & work trucks – Panel movers – Poly trucks – Poly skid boxes

Bar & pipe trucks – Sani trucks

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