No vestibule? Use an air curtain.


Main Entrance, Building Code, Comfort =
Berner Air Curtains + Heat + AMCA
Meet IECC Code with AMCA Certified Air Curtains plus Heat
– No room for a vestibule?
– Concerned about winter-time comfort?
The IECC Code allows AMCA certified air curtains as an alternative to vestibules.

To give more options for main entrances, Berner now has heated air curtains with AMCA certification.  When temperatures are low, air curtains with heat give the ability for the building manager to provide additional heat at the front door while reducing the number of times the primary HVAC system runs.
Learn more about using air curtains as an alternative to vestibules at Berner – Building Codes & Certifications
Berner offers ambient, electric, steam, and hot water heated air curtains.

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