DID YOU KNOW? Are your Cranes and Pallet Racking an OSHA Violation?

March 23rd, 2021


Are your Cranes and Pallet Racking an OSHA Violation?

Does OSHA require crane and rack safety inspections and how often are safety inspections to be conducted?

Crane Systems:

OSHA requires that all active cranes must be inspected once a year at the minimum. However, depending on the cranes usage, additional inspections will be required.

Reference OSHA Standard 1910.179 – Overhead and gantry cranes:


Pallet Racking:

Some of the more common citations OSHA has cited s companies for pallet racking has to do with basic installation, maintenance, and repair issues. While there are no specific guidelines for racking safety by OSHA, there is a general clause of the Occupational Safety Health Act that states employers shall provide a workplace that is free from recognized hazards. Reference OSHA ACT of 1970:


Your organization is required to ensure your pallet racking is  installed correctly  and does not pose an obvious hazard.  You may be in violation of OSHA regulations and fined if your racking does pose any obvious threat.  Some of the following are OSHA violations businesses have been fined with regards to their pallet racks:

-Racking was not installed properly.

-Damaged racking not replaced

-Not labeling capacities of racking and overloading

-Modifications that are not approved by manufacturer and unsafe.

Courtney Material Handling, Inc. Is Here For You!

How Can You Ensure The safety of your workplace and be OSHA Compliant?  Courtney Material Handling, Inc. can help assure you are always in compliance.


We offer crane repairs and inspections as well as crane sales and installation.


CMH provides rack installation and inspections along with racking layout and sales.


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March 9th, 2021



Husky Rack & Wire

Storage Lockers




Our lockers ship quickly and are easy to install. They are built with U.S.-made, 8-gauge welded wire panels which are framed by 1 1/4? x 1/8? thick angle (panels) or 1 1/4? tubing (doors). Husky’s storage lockers include handles and padlock hasps (padlock not included) to keep products secure and easy to access.

Some of the Industries Served:






-Senior Living Residences



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February 15th, 2021
New Product Announcement-Introducing Vestil’s new…


DC Power Trash Can Dumper


Model: TCD-HLD-400
Chute Fits a Variety of Trash Cans
Infinite Dump Angle Up to 135°
Model: TCD-HLD-400-DLX
Comes with (1) D-200-LD Hopper
The perfect item to minimize the manual lifting of heavy trash cans!
Standard Features:
  • Reduces manual lifting of trash cans.
  • Large chute to fit a variety of trash cans.
  • Hand control with coil cord for safe distance when dumping.
  • Dead-man style push button control is used to maneuver the unit to the desired dump angle.
  • Infinite dump angle up to 135° ensures a smooth unloading of trash cans.
  • Security arms to keep cans stable during dumping.
  • Units work with hopper D-200-LD.
  • Made in the USA of domestic and imported content.
  • Rugged steel construction.
See below for more trash dumping options!
Universal Trash Can Dumper
Model: TCD-U-48-DC
Fork Truck Mounted Trash Can Dumper
Model: FM-T-DUMP


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Safe Collection of Contaminated Waste or Linen with New Poly Bags

February 9th, 2021
  Safe Collection of Contaminated Waste or Linen with New Poly Bags


Don’t Worry About Dangerous Messes! Use Poly Bags 

Bags for biohazard waste are used in healthcare facilities to safely collect and segregate biohazardous medical waste such as linen, blood products, and materials contaminated with bodily fluids. We offer a full solution to identify, handle, and dispose of the biohazard contents to protect workers from unnecessary exposure.

New Color and Sizes

Courtney Material Handling, Inc. offers Justrite Poly Bags!
Justrite along with Eagle is expanding our current selection of poly bags with new yellow color for linens and two new bag capacity sizes. Currently, we offer a Biohazard bag that is red with 15-gallon capacity, which can be used with Justrite biohazard waste cans.
New Bag Color: Yellow for Linen

  • Yellow is for infectious linen to be laundered
  • Easily segregate and identify contaminated linen, such as used bed linens and scrubs
  • Available in multiple gallon sizes: 15, 33, 60
New Bag Capacities: 33-Gallon and 60-Gallon

  • Ideal for larger amounts of waste and consolidating smaller bags
  • Made from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • Improved flexibility and resistance to avoid punctures and tearing
  • 33-gallon bag fits Eagle 30-gallon 1601 Series Nestable Drums
  • 60-gallon bag fits Eagle 55-gallon 1655 or 1656 Series Drums
  • Meets ASTM D 1709-01 and ASTM D 1922-00a specifications
Watch Training Video

Buy Justrite Poly Liner Bags From Courtney Material Handling, Inc.

  • Great choice for any medical setting, such as hospitals, nursing homes, labs, emergency rooms, and hospices
  • Tubular construction, single side seal and star seal bottom provide a stable, leak proof bag
  • Printing includes English, Spanish, and French translation along with the international recognizable biohazard symbol
  • Designed to fit Justrite cans and Eagle drums
  • Sold in packs of 100

Are responsible for the culture of safety within your facility?

February 8th, 2021


Are responsible for the culture of safety within your facility?
Courtney Material Handling, Inc. can be a trusted resource for a number of safety related solutions such as, but not limited to:
Machine Guarding and Barriers – One of the top 10 OSHA related violations in the workplace.  We can provide assistance from design to installation of your Machine Guarding/Barriers.
-COVID related CDC guideline adherence for:
  • Visitors (Building Access Cages and Driver Cages) Click on link below for view

Click link below for video:



  • Safety while providing better ventilation (Dock Door Barriers and Fans).

-Economically Motorizing your existing pallet trucks (PowerPallet 2000).

-Safety / Security Cages/ Fencing.


-Floor Matting / Safety Matting.


-Conveying Systems /Mezzanines/Ergonomic Equipment/Lifts – From design to manufacturing to installation.


Conveying System -Food and Beverage Industry

Conveying System -Manufacturing

Conveying System – Warehousing

Safety Meeting Topics.  Are you responsible for presenting safety related topics to your team or to your management staff at meetings? Courtney Material Handling, Inc. can also assist you with a wide array of topics related to safety and OSHA violations for your meetings.
The New York Times reports:
“President Biden directed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Thursday to release new guidance to employers on protecting workers from Covid-19.
In one of 10 executive orders that he signed Thursday, the president asked the agency to step up enforcement of existing rules to help stop the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace and to explore issuing a new rule requiring employers to take additional precautions.”
This also means citations could also extend to other violations within the workplace. Are you ready?
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss further with you your goals and how I may be able to assist you going forward.  Would you have time to speak later this week or next week or schedule a phone conversation?  I may be contacted at 224-423-1708 or 574-229-3180 or via email at beth@cmhionline.com.
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Create the Ultimate Storage Solution in One (1) Square Yard!

February 4th, 2021





Storage-Go-Round for Steel 19-Series Cabinets98325

Create the Ultimate Storage Solution in One (1) Square Yard!
Create a high-density storage system using the Storage-Go-Round kit. Mix and match (20) 19-Series steel frame cabinets in this compact unit. The rugged ball-transfer base allows for smooth rotation and easy access to parts. 1,000 lb capacity.

Cabinets not included; order cabinets separately.


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Improving Safety Throughout the Workplace

January 27th, 2021


Improving Safety Throughout the Workplace

In the workplace, safety hazards are plentiful. Hand laborers and material movers had 64,160 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2019, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Courtney Material Handling, Inc. and Justrite Safety Group has a comprehensive line of safety products that span the entire facility, from the front gate to the back dock, so employees can work with confidence.

Click on the link below for more information:


Justrite Safety Group_360-Degrees of Safety Brochure_FILLABLE

Machinery / Safety Guarding

January 21st, 2021

Machinery/ Safety Guarding


Machinery / Safety Guarding


Don’t wait until there is a workplace accident!


My workplace has exposed areas that do not meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910 machine guarding requirements.

-My equipment has exposed areas, which can cause bodily harm or injury.

-I want to prevent costly workplace injuries.

-I have had a workplace injury and need assistance.

-I need OSHA-compliant protection and access to my equipment.

-I need a fast, cost-effective solution.

Courtney Material Handling, Inc. can help you

Design Machine/Safety Guarding for your application.


AisleCop® Automated Forklift Safety Gate Systems

January 15th, 2021


AisleCop® Automated Forklift Safety Gate Systems

For pedestrian crossings in busy warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other forklift-heavy operations

Click Below for Video:

AisleCop Video


AisleCop® systems are safety tools that help define and control access to forklift aisles. They can be configured with multiple sensor types customized to your facility, traffic rules, timing, or processes.

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New – Plastic Traffic Barricade with Fence Panel!

January 12th, 2021

Plastic Traffic Barricade with Fence Panels and Traffic Barricades!

Rugged plastic traffic barricades with metal fence are perfect for a variety of applications by DPI Plastics (Diversified Plastics, Inc.).


Plastic Base 40 lbs. empty – 71″ x 23.5″ x 17.5″ H
Fence Panel 60 lbs. 71.25″ x 2.5″ x 91.5″ H
Weight Empty Weight – 100lbs.
Filled with water – 840 lbs.
Color Options Orange, Yellow, Black
Overall Assembled Dimensions 23.5″ x 71.25″ x 91.5″ H
Bottom Drain 3/4″
Fill Port 3″