New Product Announcement Introducing our new… Rubber Push Bumper

May 7th, 2021


New Product Announcement
Introducing our new…
Rubber Push Bumper

The rubber push bumper is a nice addition to any industrial setting!

The rubber push bumper is a nice addition to any industrial setting!
Standard Features:
  • Robust rubber bumper construction helps minimize damage and abrasion.
  • A 2″ receiver hitch allows for a quick and seamless attachment.
  • Bumper has a durometer reading of 80 +/- 5.
  • Tensil 950-1050 PSI
  • Impact recovery 95%.
  • Durable steel base.
  • Raised carrying handles.
  • Includes hitch pin and clip.
  • Powder-coated yellow finish for baked in toughness.
  • Works with Vestil’s HOOK-BASE series or a standard 2″ trailer hitch receiver.

Hitch Pin & Clip

Works with Vestil’s HOOK-BASE Series or a Standard 2″ Trailer Hitch Receiver



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May 6th, 2021



New Ultra-Lite Trays and Containers!

MFG Tray’s ULTRA-LITE material was developed in response to customer’s demand for a sustainable, lighter weight container that can withstand the rigors of continuous industrial use.



Courtney Material Handling, Inc. and MFG Tray develops customized solutions for specific material-handling challenges and applications.
Our trays and containers will work harder, and smarter for you. Trust Courtney Material Handling, Inc. and  MFG Tray for your tough jobs

Our trays and containers will work harder, and smarter for you. 

Trust Courtney Material Handling, Inc. and  MFG Tray for your tough jobs.


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6 Secrets to Successful Procurement in a Crisis

May 4th, 2021

6 Secrets to Successful Procurement in a Crisis

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Man talking on phone

During the beginning of the pandemic, many essential businesses had to deal with sudden jumps in demand while unsnarling problems in their supply chains. Unsurprisingly, procurement departments came into the spotlight during this time, with SRM (supplier relationship management) taking center stage.

A recent conference presented by State of Flux, “Supplier Management at Speed,” featured Cheryl Harris, CPO of Sourcing and Procurement at Allstate Insurance, and Leslie Lauderbaugh, Director of Supplier Engagement and Development at Kellogg Company. The two professionals shared their departments’ challenges and insights dealing with supply disruptions from pandemic-related shutdowns, with Lauderbaugh in an interview with John Newton, State of Flux’s Director of Product Development, and Harris through a presentation.

Kellogg’s needed suppliers to ramp up production and increase COVID-19 safety practices right as the pandemic added financial burdens and supply chain delays. As an essential business, Allstate Insurance had to ensure they could still get the products they needed to branches while navigating quarantine restrictions in multiple countries. Here are some of their key takeaways:

Keep Strong Relationships with Existing Suppliers

The golden rule saved Kellogg’s from many pain points when the pandemic began affecting supply chains. Their strategy involved working toward common goals with suppliers, instead of pressuring or dictating to them. During the crisis, suppliers had multiple customers with increasing demands while their own production was limited. They prioritized Kellogg’s because of their strong relationship.

Talking on the phone with suppliers helped improve relationships, but it also worked as a litmus test. Kellogg’s procurers knew suppliers should be willing to pick up the phone even when they had bad news.

Fewer Is Better

Part of the strength of Kellogg’s supplier relationships came from narrowing down large numbers of suppliers so they could build more secure relationships with key suppliers. They focused on the top suppliers in their segmentation model, although they also built relationships with some lower-level suppliers during the crisis.

Help Your Supplier Too

When supply chain disruption came, Allstate reached out to find out which of its small and diverse suppliers were struggling and offered them help. The company provided aid with federal and local financial resources and made plans with suppliers for COVID-19 prevention measures and financial issues. Allstate advised and worked with its smaller suppliers to help them survive and grow so they could deliver what was needed.

For larger suppliers, it was also essential to find a meaningful way to acknowledge them. Kellogg’s had company leadership recognize them for their services.

Transparency Improves Relationships

Transparency helps speed up processes and build trust. Waiting until the weekly or monthly meeting with suppliers to relate important information wasn’t fast enough. Telling their suppliers right away enabled the companies to react faster and make better-informed decisions.

When supply chains were affected by COVID-19, Kellogg’s had to build strong relationships quickly with new suppliers, as well as strengthen weaker bonds with lower-tier suppliers in their segmentation. Transparency and flexibility were their most effective tools.

Acknowledge Supplier Expertise

Suppliers are specialists in their fields, so Kellogg’s tapped them freely for expertise. Asking their opinions and developing solutions together helped them make more prudent decisions. It also increased each supplier’s ownership of the problem and motivation to solve it.

Building Toward a Better Supply Chain

Because of the significant supply chain problems during the pandemic, procurement departments across all companies have had the chance to prove their value as a vital part of every business. The procurers at Kellogg’s and Allstate were able to accomplish what they did because they had strong leadership support, and they continue to advocate for their function in the company.

Allstate especially advocated for a strong procurement department through three strategies:

  • Communicating in an effective manner how procurement performance positively impacted the company
  • Getting people in other departments involved to increase buy-in
  • Developing advocates for their issues outside of the procurement department

Building up this support enabled more resources so SRM and other plans could be better implemented during the pandemic, weaving a safety net for both companies when COVID-19 hit supply chains.


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Introducing our new… Vestil All Wheel Steer Truck

April 30th, 2021
New Product Announcement
Introducing our new…
Vestil All Wheel Steer Truck


Transfer items both large and small!

All Wheel Steer Truck


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Buy Casters and Wheels For All of Your Heavy Duty, Medium and Light Duty Industrial Needs

April 29th, 2021

Buy Casters and Wheels Here

For All of Your

Heavy Duty, Medium and Light Duty Industrial Needs!

Courtney Material Handling, Inc. has a caster for all of your needs!

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Heavy Duty Caster




As the weather warms up, the need for efficient & affordable cooling has arrived.

April 29th, 2021

High Volume Low Speed Fans

As the weather warms up, the need for efficient & affordable cooling has arrived.

HVLS fans move large volumes of air at lower rotational speeds. This is how how the name “high volume, low speed.” came about.

High Volume Low Speed Fans

  • Hang It!
  • HVLS fans are engineered to achieve extreme airflow while maximizing energy efficiency and maintaining whisper quiet operation.
  • Designed to perform, built to last, easy to install, efficient to operate, affordably priced – these fans will have you covered from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between.

Each overhead fan is controlled by an inverter that allows for three power input options and variable output control of the fan speed. IP55 rated for industrial environments, the UL/TUV/CE listed motor and controller are integral to the designed safety features of this quiet giant. The unit comes standard with a 5′ down rod, mounting hardware and safety cables. Additional down rod extensions are available – please call for details. Electrical service will be required at the ground level control panel. Lifetime warranty on the hub and blades with a non-prorated warranty on the whole fan for 3 years.


The High Volume Movement of air, is achieved through a Specially Designed Airfoil for the blades. The “Airfoils” allow more air to flow over them like an aircraft wing. This effect, creates a larger volume of air flow from each blade.

Residential fans have “flat paddles” for blades & require Higher RPM’s to produce the airflow which tends to be turbulent.

HVLS Fans rotate at lower RPM’s to produce large volumes of air movement.

Compared to conventional ceiling fans designed in 1886, the HVLS fans are a lot quieter because of their lower RPM’s.

Our story is about making things simple.

The flex fan Solutions crusade towards affordable simplicity will improve our customer’s environment while enhancing their bottom line.

Allow us to share our expertise with our growing lineup of fan solutions you cannot afford to miss, that you can afford to try.

HVLS FAN Categories

The Fan Solutions Group has 4 Categories for a wide range of facilities applications:

  • Overhead – for Indoor & Covered Outdoor applications
  • Pole Mount – for Indoor applications that have a very High Ceiling or Outdoors without a cover.
  • Wall Mount – for Directed Flow Applications for Work Spaces and Warehouse isles.
  • Mobile Fans – for movement throughout the facility.


Berner Air Curtains

April 29th, 2021

Berner Air Curtains

  • Save Energy
  • Improve Comfort
  • Increase Safety
  • Berner’s Air Curtains are a sustainable solution that lowers energy costs by eliminating untempered outside air from entering through open doors. A sanitary solution that deters flying insects from entering through open doors. A safer solution than plastic vinyl strip curtains by using an invisible air barrier to protect the opening.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • All Berner Air Curtains are shipped factory assembled for quicker installation and are factory wired and tested for quality prior to shipment.
  • UL listed for interior or exterior mounting.
  • Freight included to the first destination continental U.S.A.

Low Profile Air Curtains for Front and Rear Entrances to Commercial Buildings – 7′ Maximum Mounting Height
Available Voltages: 120/208/240/1

Industrial Air Curtains for All Types of Receiving Doors – 10′ to 12′ Maximum Mounting Heights
Available Voltages: 120/208/240/1
Price Includes Factory Mounted/Wired Control Panel When Required- LH End Plate

Heavy Duty Industrial Air Curtains for All Types of Receiving Doors – 12′ to 14′ Maximum Mounting Heights
Available Voltages: 208/240/480/3
Price Includes Factory Mounted/Wired Control Panel When Required – LH End Plate

All HIDC14 available in Single Lengths up to 16’… Call for Pricing.

Overall size for INDUSTRIAL AIR and HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL AIR CURTAINS does not include depth of motor control panel / motor control panel mounted left hand end standard.

Please call for Door Sizes Not Listed, Heated Models and Custom Applications. FOB Shipping Point.

See Related Accessories for Berner Air Curtains.

Introducing – Vestil’s New Counter Balanced Drum Stackers

April 5th, 2021



New Product Announcement
Introducing – Vestil’s New
Counter Balanced
Drum Stackers
Model: DRLT-CB-54-MDPL
Manual Drive
Model: DRLT-CB-54-PDPL
Powered Drive
Transport a Variety of Drum Styles
Simple Controls for Quick Movement
Raised Height: 54″
Lowered Height: 26-3/4″
The counter balanced design is perfectly suited for tight areas and the loading/unloading of drums onto pallets or scales!
Standard Features:
  • Works with most styles of 30, 55, or 85 gallon poly or steel drums.
  • Walk behind user-friendly style for complete control.
  • Ability to raise and lower to precise heights.
  • Simple controls for quick movement.
  • DRLT-CB-54-MDPL is manual drive/powered lift.
  • DRLT-CB-54-PDPL is powered drive/powered lift.
  • Rolls on (2) 8″ x 3″ swivel and (2) 6″ x 3″ rigid casters.
  • Tough baked in powder coated black and yellow finish.
  • Drum not included.
See below for more drum stacker options!
Counter Balanced Drum Lifters
Model: S-CB-62-SDC
Portable Drum Lifter/Rotator/Transporter

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The Cost of Head Injuries in Manufacturing

April 2nd, 2021

Sustaining a head injury can not only hurt but can cause some very serious health effects and financial costs to you and your employer.

Industry Challenges

Our head is the home of our most important asset, the brain. It’s the control center for everything we do. When a person sustains a head injury, this creates a ripple, affecting the person injured, the company they work for and all of the people in that person’s life.

To understand the true cost of head injuries to the manufacturing industry, we explore the effects of the injury itself, the financial ramifications for the person, business and economy, and also the role this plays in employee productivity and morale.

Read More by clicking on the below link:

The cost of head injuries to the manufacturing industry


Keep Tenant’s Belonging Secure and Recoup Your Cost In 1 Year!

March 26th, 2021

Storage Lockers

Keep Tenant’s Belonging Secure


Recoup Your Cost In 1 Year!

Adequate storage is important for property owner and managers especially if there are tenants or condo owners.  Courtney Material Handling, Inc. offers storage lockers to meet your need to offer secure storage.

Tenants can keep their belongs in a secure location. Charge a small fee and your investment can be recouped in 12 months.  Most condominium buildings can recoup the project cost in less than 12 months by renting storage lockers to tenants/residents at typical rates.

Tenants no longer have to worry about keeping their belongings in an off-site location.


Storage Lockers

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