New! Lift Table Work Bench


Max-Lift Bench Work Bench

As a lift table, the Max-Lift Bench is ideally suited for ergonomic positioning of large loads weighing up to 2,000 lbs such as sub-assemblies , cabinets, or other items that require a solid worktop. It’s unique design features a 30″ x 72″ top with optional slide-in deck extensions to expand the size to 36″ x 72″ and 48″ x 72″. This allows quick and easy changing of the deck size to suit the load required. Custom top sizes are also available. The Max-Ratchet Latch system automatically locks in the table height at predetermined positions to ensure a safe working environment and eliminate hydraulic drift. To disengage, simply raise the table above the set height and lift the kick bar.

As a workbench, the table includes all the standard lift table features with the expanded work bench options of an Adjustable Overhead Light, PC & Keyboard Mount, Overhead Balancer Rack, Electrical Strip and more. Most work benches with manual or electric lift capabilities only have a travel of 12″. The Max-Lift Bench has a lift range of 45″. This allows the operator better ergonomic positioning of larger assemblies. The work bench is attached to the lift table and with its optional retractable casters can be easily re-positioning in work assembly cell environments. The work bench option can be customized to individual needs.

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