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If your employees are manually unloading and reloading pallets…we can save you money!


Applications for the
PalletPal Inverter
areĀ turningĀ up everywhere!
If your employees are manually unloading and reloading pallets…
we can save you money!
Just four simple steps…
Add replacement pallet or slip sheet to top
of load
Place loaded pallet into Rotator/Inverter
Use remote control to clamp and rotate load in about 15 seconds.
Entire cycle takes about a minute!
If your employees are spending hours….
  • Replacing broken pallets
  • Turning inventory for freshness
  • Transferring finished products to less expensive shipping skids
  • or slip sheets
  • Replacing damaged goods at the bottom of a load
  • Switching loads to in-house pallets
….then the PalletPal Inverter is what you need!
The ROI on this investment is incredible.

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