Clean and Dry with Every Step Using NoTrax® Scrape and Dry Entrance Mats



Clean and Dry with Every Step

Using NoTrax® Scrape and Dry Entrance Mats


NoTrax has rounded up our winter mat collection and it includes a variety of functional designs to reduce dirt and moisture throughout your facilities while keeping  your users upright and accident free.

Entrance mats are the last line of defense against dirt, moisture, and debris entering a facility. Used in tandem indoor, outdoor, and scraper mats, like the Diamond CTE™, Aqua-Trap® and Opus™ can help you create a system to ensure that your cleaning costs stay low this winter and your facility stays safe and dry.

In addition to carpet-type mats that absorb moisture, NoTrax can also help you supply heavy-duty rubber mats like the Soil Guard™ and shoe cleaning options like the Boot Scraper™. Whatever the requirement, our team can help you provide indoor, outdoor, and shoe sanitation options to meet any needs you may have.

Reduce the Spread of Contaminants This Winter with Shoe Sanitation and Disinfection Mats

NoTrax, widely known for its ability to produce quality industrial and commercial entrance mats, also provides options for sanitation and disinfection.

Sanitation mats like the Sani-Trax® shoe and boot disinfection mat are made of tough rubber that resists temperature swings to keep performing in even the coldest climates.

These mats are ideal when you have vital areas to protect, or when your entrance areas need to stay ice and mud free.


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