Available-Used Plastic Totes and Container Repair-Customization-Scrap

-Used Straight Wall Totes 
-Plastic Container Repair and Customization/Modification Services-

-We Pay You  to Recycle Your Plastic Containers.

24x15x7 blue24x15x7 blue (2)

Used Straight Wall Totes
The following straight wall totes are used, most of them contain hot stamps and may be dusty from warehouse storage.
Size Brand Color Qty Price Details
24x15x7 Orbis Blue 3644 $6.00 Hot stamps and stickers
12x15x9 Blue/Gray 3851 $5.50 Hot stamps

REPAIR – We can also offer Repair of your plastic bulk containers, totes and pallets

CUSTOMIZATION– Do the Manufacturers’ standard sizes not meet your needs?  We offer customization services to modify the length, width and height of your plastic containers. Metal reinforcements, cut-outs, casters, etc. can be added to your container.

RECYCYLE – Do you have plastic bins, totes, pallets etc. not being used and taking up valuable space in your facility.  We will pay you to recycle your plastic containers.

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