Save Money & Go Eco-friendly in 3 Easy Steps


Put Pallet Bands to the Test
Save Money & Go Eco-friendly in 3 Easy Steps
1. Get a Personalized Consultation
Sales engineer answering a customer call

It all starts with a simple phone call. Our sales engineers are ready to answer all of your questions and explain the benefits of Aero rubber pallet bands. Learn about which formula works best in your environment, your cost savings from using pallet band over plastic wrap, and more.

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2. Test Pallet Bands in Your Facility
EPDM, standard, and freezer pallet bands side by side

We’ll send you samples to try out in your facility at no cost. Made of high-quality materials, our bands perform well, and we want you to see the difference for yourself. So, we give you a chance to feel the quality, try them out under your conditions and ensure the sizing is accurate. Once you’re satisfied, we can help you transform your warehouse.

3. Count on Our Team for Help
warehouse employees applying a pallet band to a pallet

Get a customized quote for your needs. No matter if you need standard bands, packaging, or custom options, our team is here to help. In no time, you can have pallet bands in hand to implement a new stabilization method and a more streamlined warehouse process.

Ready to get started?
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Call Us: 224-423-1708


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