The META modular shelving system provides endless possibilities for your custom project of any size.  META’s large selection of accessories allows a highly custom design.  With capacity to build up to four shelf supported levels, there is no limit to what can be done.

META Modular Shelving System

Size Options
Many custom sizes are available.  Depending on project size, shelf size options are nearly limitless.
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  • Finish
    • Galvanized Steel: META uses galvanized steel for all CLIP Shelving products.  There is no upcharge for this feature, unlike our competitors.
    • Powder Coated: This finish can be added as an additional layer over the galvanized finish for added protection.
  • Back Panel Options
    • Open with x-bracing
    • Open without x-bracing (pass-through)
    • Closed back panels
    • Mesh back panels
    • Pegboard panels
  • Frame Options
    • Open
    • Closed
    • Mesh
    • Pegboard
  • Extensive Accessory Catalog
    • Drawers & drawer bins or dividers
    • Cabinets – Multiple height options
    • Dividers – Mesh or solid at varying heights
    • Bins or Troughs
    • Many more

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