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Motorize Your Current Manual Pallet Jack!

Monday, May 22nd, 2017


Imagine if you could motorize your current manual pallet jack. NOW YOU CAN WITH THE POWERPALLET 2000!

The unit is ultra-compact, lightweight and ergonomic.  We adapt well with Wesco, Cat, Doosan, Lift-Rite, Toyota, Clark, Crown and a variety of pallet jacks providing a cost effective solution somewhere between a manual pallet jack and a walkie. It is a fantastic solution for the Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Food Service, Supermarkets and back-of-truck applications.  Please be sure to check out our website or feel free to watch a short video:

Here are a few highlights:

POWERFUL: Rated to 4,000 lbs with a customizable maximum speed of up to 3.7 mph.

NEVER “DOWN” Quick-charge removable battery packs. Switch back to a ‘manual jack’ in <15 sec’s. Never be stuck in the middle of transport.

ULTRA COMPACT without sacrificing turning radius of a manual jack.  Perfect solution for delivery trucks.

EASY TO MANEUVER Patented design means max. 400 lbs on the drive roller. (jack wheels supporting the remainder of the load).


LOW TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP Minimal maintenance…No service contracts necessary.

IMPROVED ERGONOMICS – No more pulling or pushing manual jacks with heavy loads reducing risk and saving time

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Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Used Dexion rack looking for a home with someone who just wants a rack system as cheap as possible.

As a result, we’re looking to get it out of here as quickly as possible and are offering you a great deal on it.

Dexion Bolted SpeedLock Uprights  $47 Each!


41.5″D x 189″H with 3 x 3 columns
41.5″D x 218″H with 3 x 3 columns
Spliced at 189″H to reach 218″
47.5″D x 218″H with 3 x 3 columns
Spliced at 189″H to reach 218″

Dexion SpeedLock Box Beams

95.5″L x 4″H x 2″W            $12.50 Each!
12″ endplates
137 9/16″L x 4.5″H x 2″W   $14.50 Each!
12″ endplates

3 & 4 Channel Wire Decks $5 Each!
46″W x 38″D with 3 U-Channels
34 3/8″ channel length
67″W x 42″D with 3 Flared Channels
37″ channel length
44″W x 48″D with 4 Flared Channels
42″ channel length


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Introducing the new Vestil Shrink Wrap Cart!

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Introducing the new Vestil Shrink Wrap Cart!

Secure rods for shrink wrap rolls.


Convenient Storage Tray for Tools


Perfect for boat storage wrapping applications!

Standard Features:
Strong steel construction.
Holds three rolls up to 150 lbs. each.
Permits the user to transport large amounts of shrink wrap.
A major asset in packaging and shipping departments.
Includes two 8″ rigid casters and two 8″ swivel casters with brake.
Storage tray for convenience.
Blue baked-in powder-coated toughness.

See our other packaging accessories!

Shrink Wrap Heat Guns

Hand Held Stretch Wrapper

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Metal Picnic Tables Are The Right Fit For Busy Grounds At Indiana State University

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Posted by: theparkcatalog April 21, 2017 in Schools
Metal picnic tables from The Park and Facilities Catalog at Indiana State University.
When you are the landscape manager for a major college campus, you face a variety of challenges and that’s why metal picnic tables are one solution that requires less maintenance and care.
Stephanie Krull is the Landscape and Grounds Manager for a leading college – Indiana State University in Terre Haute, with a student population of 13,000 students.

Indiana State University’s colorful campus.
As you can imagine, with that many students, there is quite a bit of wear and tear on the grounds.
The campus covers 200 acres and is located in a fertile region with the Wabash River running nearby. The landscape is covered with a spectacular array of flowers, shrubs, grass, planters and trees. In fact, ISU is certified as a Tree Campus by the National Arbor Day Foundation and the State’s Urban Forester’s Office. There are more than 3,500 trees on all university properties and 2,200 on the main campus.
In addition, the crew of about 20 workers maintains 140 bulb beds, 769 tree farms and 8,730 shrubs. Total beds cover an astounding 361,309 square feet.
“We are known as a garden type campus,” said Stephanie. “People really enjoy the outdoors here. But students seem to prefer seating options to sitting on the grass.”
For that reason, the university purchased a number of metal picnic tables from The Park and Facilities Catalog. Those tables are positioned throughout the school near classrooms and dorms.
Metal picnic tables withstand harsh weather
Previously, Stephanie said the university purchased wooden picnic tables. But with the change in seasons, the tables had to endure everything from hot sun, pounding rain, wet snow and frigid cold.
That caused the wood to deteriorate, splinter and even get moldy at times.
The university then decided to replace those tables with picnic tables made with steel and coated with a thermoplastic finish. That finish is resistant to all types of weather, rust and UV rays. The tables are also made of perforated metal, so any liquids or debris falls right through them. All of the problems they previously faced with the wooden tables went away.

Metal picnic tables.
In fact, these durable site furnishings require very little, if any maintenance.
“We don’t really have to clean these tables,” she noted.
Being a landscape manager for a college campus is sure to keep anybody busy. Just think of the foot traffic alone.
Stephanie said sometimes they encounter vandalism or a “lack of respect for the landscaping.”
Maintaining the grounds, planting flowers, continually trimming plants and plowing snow keeps her crew busy year round.
But with these metal picnic tables, maintenance, graffiti and wear are some of the things her busy crew doesn’t have to worry about.

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Berner air curtains improve industrial and airport operations

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Berner air curtains improve industrial and airport operations as well as the airport experience for travelers and employees alike.

Airports, baggage handling, air curtains

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