Dock Equipment

Courtney Material Handling, Inc. has dock equipement to suit your requirements.  Not all products we carry are on our website. If you do not find what you need online, please contact us for a quote. 

Wheel Chocks – “Chock Your Wheels” Sign – Spring Safety Gate – All Terrain Pallet Truck
Back Up Alarms – Dockboards – Dock Plates – Walk Ramps – Forklift Ramps
Forklift Fork Extensions – Forklift Backrest – Forklift Batteries –  Forklift Parts – Rug Rams
Blower/Fans – Rug Rams – Blowers/Fans – Curtain Doors/Roll-up Doors
Car Stops & Speed Bumps – Cargo Bars/ Cargo Bridle Eye – Chain & Hanger – Lift Gate
Guard Rails – Dock Lights – Dock Seals & Shelter – Dock Levelers – Bumper Strips – Heaters
Floor Mounted Warning Bars – Fork Deck Maintenance Platform – Tie Downs – Stop & Go Lights
Yard Ramps – Floor Locks – Pallet Busters – Dock Lifts – Strip Doors – Moving Pads – Slings
Stationary Ramps – Security Gates – Pallet Trucks – Bumper Post Sleeve – Stabilizing Jack

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Remember, we also are able to offer customized products.


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